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Airbag Waiver

Individuals participating in recreational sessions will need to complete a waiver before your session. It's best to do this before arriving at the slope by clicking below.

Participants under 16 will need to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Waivers last for three years before needing to be signed again.

If you have issues with completing the waiver online, please bring a mobile phone with you to the centre and the staff will be more than happy to help you signing it.

Recreational User Entry For Use of the Airbag

Before you go out onto the slopes and use the airbag, you must read and complete the following information question are and disclaimer

All users must agree to the following rules:

Follow the instructions
No alcohol or drugs
No sharp or loose objects
One rider at a time
DO NOT jump when not inflated
Check your speed
No carving
Don't land on your head
We recommend protection

All users of the airbag must comply with the rules set by Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre.

Use of the airbag is at your own risk.

Helmets are compulsory.

If you are unaware of the rules, please a member of staff.

By signing this form, you agree that you are at a recreational standard and can control your speed, direction, stop and use the ski lifts competently.

Thanks for submitting!

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